Has been found on 1995 as a family corporation in Eskisehir Baksan Industrial Zone with 400 m2 workshop and in very short period of time, the company has succeeded to establish great business. With the purpose of increasing production capacity, the company moved to a new plant in Organized Indsutrial Zone in 2004 which has approximately 1500 m2 of closed area.The company completed the commisioning of many production lines in own country and abroad. The company has, Hard&Soft Biscuit Production Lines, Cracker Biscuit Production Lines, Cake Production Lines, Tunnel Ovens, Dough Preparation and Shaping Equipment, Cooling Conveyors etc... in it`s product range. At the begining of 2010 the company moved to a new plant which has 3000 m2 of closed area. Pek Makina does not compromise from product and service quality and embraces it as a company policy.

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